Manuscript Assessment

For manuscripts/projects in the first or second draft stages where you are looking for an evaluation of various mechanical, structural or story aspects. Assessments can be provided for short projects, individual chapters or full manuscripts. A manuscript assessment includes:

Discussions on your story concept, ideas, concerns or specific
   requests you may have and vision for your story;

Full read and evaluation of your manuscript, chapter or

Notes on any mechanical issues, including point of view,
   passive/active writing (telling versus showing), dialogue,
   sentence structure, etc.;

Notes on any story structure issues, including plot, sub-threads,
   scene alignment, pace, details, etc.;

Notes on any story detail issues, including, characterization,
   validating details, scenes, etc.;

5 to 15 pages of your manuscript returned with in-depth mark
   ups, including line edits and comments in track changes and
   which provides specific examples relating to matters mentioned
   in the above notes; and,

Availability to answer questions, discuss or brainstorm on
   various scenes and/or direction of the contracted project,
   manuscript or individual chapters.

Estimated Fees* 

$2.50 to $4.00 per page
(minimum $50.00) 

 *Please note these are general guideline for informational purposes only. Quotes are free, and upon discussion of your project, wishes and needs of the manuscript, a personalized quote tailored to your project will be provided.