Manuscript Edit

For manuscripts/projects near the final stage before submission or publication where authors are looking for an in-depth screening of their work, line edits and fine-tuning. Edits can be provided for short projects, individual chapters or full manuscripts. A manuscript edit includes:

Discussions about your story, any concerns or specific requests
   you may have and your goals for publication;

Full read and evaluation of your manuscript, chapter or

Your manuscript returned with in-depth mark ups (line edits
   and comments in track changes) detailing matters involving: 

           Mechanics—point of view, passive/active writing (telling 
              versus showing), dialogue etc.; 

           • Story structure—plot, sub-threads, scene alignment, etc.; 

           • Story details—characterization, validating details, scenes,

           • Grammar—punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, etc.;

Overview notes with guidance on areas to strengthen and other
   topics related to the detailed edits in the returned manuscript;

Availability to answer any questions, brainstorm or provide
   further guidance on the contracted project, manuscript or
   individual chapters.

Estimated Fees* 

$2.50 to $4.00 per page
(minimum $50.00)

*Please note these are general guideline for informational purposes only. Quotes are free, and upon discussion of your project, wishes and needs of the manuscript, a personalized quote tailored to your project will be provided.